Downy Coupons October 2013 – Fresh Smelling Laundry Savings

Laundry is never complete without fabric conditioner.

Imagine how stiff and coarse clothes felt like back in the day when just plain detergent was used.

With Downy, not only have blankets become more snuggable during those cold winter nights, they help save money, too!

For those who doesn’t know yet laundry is a must do task on any family which also could turn to be a big money waster due to the repeated times its needed to go and buy more products to have the job done, Downy is aware and that’s way they keep creating promotions codes for their loyal customers.

Downy Coupons Lets You Save Huge Money From Now!

downy couponsIt is common to see Tide together with Downy on coupons. Detergent and fabric conditioner go hand in hand, and the perfect partner for Downy’s soft, sweet smelling scent is Tide’s powerful cleaning properties. You can see the pair in $0.2, $0.5, $1, $1.50 and $3 coupons.

Finding The Best Downy Coupons you have been looking for!

You might want to explore the site deals page for getting the updated Downy coupons available for our readers use. Get all the coupons you can and start saving some money for another occasion.

For starters, follow Downy on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube so you can get updates from other fans. Also, login to the Downy website and click on “Promotions”. While at it, consider signing up for the Downy newsletter, “Tips & Timesavers”, to get the low down on the latest technology on fabric conditioner as well as special promos from Downy. The newsletter also contains special deals from Tide so signing up is like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Downy Coupons keeps your clothes smelling fresh With The Different Discount Rate Available

That’s right, a good laundering and healthy dose of Downy can keep your shirt from taking on your manly scent. Stock up on the sweet smelling stuff with these coupons: get $0.20 off when buying any Downy Unstopables when you present your coupon (applicable to Tide PODS bags, too). You can also get $0.50 off for Unstopables of any size (except trial and travel sizes).

Look for the coupon which saves you $1 for 2 Downy items, a $1.50 coupon for Unstopables and a $3 coupon for any 3 Downy items regardless of size.

The Downy coupons may have partner brands or similar products printed with it, such as Tide or Bounce.

Downy Promo Codes makes you Happy, Check Out Your Yearly Saving Here

Not only that, you would not have to start rationing fabric conditioner if you were able to stock in the first place. Buying items in bulk is sure to guarantee savings, but buying in bulk and using Downy coupons is the real deal.

Be sure to collect as many coupons as you can. The $3 for 3 items will sure help a lot in cutting expenses down. Imagine using these coupons every time you go grocery shopping. A purchase of 3 items instantly saves you $3. In a year, that can easily save you up to $70 or more, depending on how fast you use up one bottle, or often you purchase fabric conditioner. Now you know why your mom fervently cuts and clips coupons like these!

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